Being flamed, defriended and forced to relurk: Understanding the causes of online anti-social behaviour towards women

Being flamed, defriended and forced to relurk: Understanding the causes of online anti-social behaviour towards women

Jonathan Bishop

What is clear from documents since the dawn of civilisation to now is that men have tried to assert a dominant role over women. The current time we are in, where most online interactions are preserved, provides current researchers with the same opportunity as historians, to examine the role of women in the society we currently live in. This talk will present the findings of a number of investigations into rape threats, misogyny, and blog narratives relating to the defriending of women. It will also look at case studies of where women assert their independence, including data from a longitudinal study into the way women access media.

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This abstract was submitted to the conference, “Scold’s to Trolls; Social and Legal Responses to Visible and Audible Women,” which was due to be held on 15 September 2015 at Lancaster University.

Is Sally Llewellyn as clever as she thinks she is?

I was just blocked on Facebook by Sally Llewellyn, the discussion that led to this went as follows:

Sally Llewellyn said:

Look. Does any of that matter if what he is saying now and sticking up for the disadvantaged now, wtf does this matter? Stop being a childish imbecile, because you’re getting right on my nerves.

I said:

My issue is that people are seeing him as some sort of Saviour. I first became a politician in 2003, and he is doing nothing different to any of the others – saying what people want to hear, but with no prospect of achieving anything in reality. If he had such prospects then he wouldn’t be afraid to take on the establishment through actions instead of words.

Sally Llewellyn said:

So fucking what???? SO FUCKING WHAT????

I said:

Intelligent people like you are seeing him as a Saviour, not just the usual suspects who support BNP/UKIP.

Sally Llewellyn said:

You’re the one going on about ‘saviour’…….

I said:

That is how I’ve seen you and others speak about him – like he’s some sort of living legend, a modern day Robin Hood!

Sally Llewellyn said:

Oh fuck up

I said:

It bothers me when uneducated people are deceived by media manipulation by ‘charismatic leaders,’ but when educated people like you are as well, it severely worries me!

Sally Llewellyn said:

Do I have to repeat myself? It’s not about ‘personality’ it’s about content. What part of that are you not grasping?

I said:

I hear you, but cannot you see it is rhetoric? There is no capacity in Russell Brand to realise an alternative beyond that rhetoric? WWII was started because the masses were fooled by anti-capitalist rhetoric.

Sally Llewellyn said:

Are you comparing Brand to Hitler??? Lol

I said:

I have compared the rhetoric of Tony Blair and Barrack Obama to Hitler, and Brand’s is little different.

Sally Llewellyn said:

How on earth have you come to that conclusion? No, don’t tell me, I actually cannot put up with any more of your bollocks.

I linked to:

Does the left use rhetoric about peace and equality to create war?

I said:

That article looks at the narratives of speeches by Tony Blair and Barrack Obama and shows how that text is near identical to Hitler’s.

You might find some of what they are saying has been said by Brand also.

At that point Sally Llewellyn blocked me. From what I have seen Sally Llewellyn has had at least two husbands; Mr Roberts and Mr Stokes. It would appear that unless people say things she agrees with – like Russell Brand did – then Sally Llewellyn cannot hold down any form of relationship with them.

Russell Brand on Question Time – Rhetoric or just thick?

Who is Russell Brand? To me Russell Brand is that guy who got lucky with Katy Perry, but what she saw in him I don’t know! Or do I?

Most people with autism are logically based and most people with empathism rhetorically based. Russell Brand from his Question Time performance was 100% rhetoric, with no substance whatsoever.

I think the women who take part in beauty pageants, and a male school friend I like, are sexy not because of how they physically look, but because of how absent of any substance intellectually. That must be the appeal of Russell Brand to others who agree with the rhetoric he spouts.

Russell Brand on Question Time was as populist as Nigel Farage, but without the ability. Those who find Russell Brand sexy should switch to Johnny Depp, who has the looks and the brains – They should let Shania Twain date Russel Brand! I can see why Katy Perry left him when the novelty wore off! He is cute for his passion but has nothing much otherwise.

His statement on QuestionTime to say he does not want to become a politician in case he becomes like them shows he lacks even more substance to be able to hold onto his beliefs when they are challenged in order to stand up to the scrutiny required. He has policies but no way to achieve them.

I am setting up a global social enterprise, which will use its profits to achieve charitable aims. If the Sun reports are right, why is Russell Brand putting his money in a tax haven and not a charity that could achieve in action what he says in words?

Today I stood for election in Tynant and got 20 votes. That is more votes than Russell Brand has ever got. I haven’t yet been invited on Question Time. However, my campaign was against the reintroduction of fox hunting and I was able to communicate with all sides and those who were more divided, and have become more informed on the debate through engaging with people. From his Question Time performance, Russell Brand could never do this because he lacks substance to put meat on the bone of what he says he believes.

Those who are unelected, which includes myself at this point in time, can only speak for themselves. Only if someone is elected by the popular vote can they legitimately speak for other people. If Russell Brand is not willing to stand for election or use his millions to put his words into action, then he is no better than anyone else who says one thing and does another, or possibly worse, nothing.

Off of their heads in Foggy Furze

As a gaming addiction researcher I was disgusted to read the article in the Hartlepool Mail about residents in Foggy Furze being against social housing in their back yard.

I live in the “leafy Pontypridd suburb” of Efail Isaf. No more than 5 minutes from my home is a drug rehab clinic and only a bit further a complex for people with emotional and behavioural conditions. My community is playing its part in helping disadvantaged groups get on the straight and narrow.

My research has found addictions are caused by a brain condition I call SDA, which can be brought on for instance by a family member suddenly dying and the person not being able cope, leading to using habit forming substances to calm the pain.

Can I ask the residents of Foggy Furze whether they could go a day without caffeine or nicotine? If not, they probably have SDA too. How about they be made to leave the area also?

Don’t VProud – VAshamed

VProud has been touted as a social networking service for women says The Cut. For me it is better named VAshamed.

The idea of creating a social networking for women as an alternative to a mainstream site like Facebook is disgraceful.

Throughout history, women have given their lives to get equal rights for men and women onto the statute books. To say it is a good thing not to enforce these rights shows they don’t make women like they used to. It seems today’s feminists want to have the rights that were hard won, but none of the responsibilities that go with them. They seem to want to fight with their mouth but let their brain to a runner.

My grandmother is what I call Rhondda Woman – whilst it was Rhondda Man who thought he was the head of the household, it was Rhondda Woman who actually was, ensuring that the children were fed before the money had a chance to get peed away at the pub. My grandmother was a political activist, knocking on doors to further her political beliefs.

When people were abusive to my grandmother, she wouldn’t roll on the floor crying like Caroline Criado-Perez and Stealla Creasy MP have over a few trolls, she would continue to argue for what she believed in.

It is one thing to have websites like Cafe Mom, where women who are mothers can meet like-minded people to share experiences with, but for women to leave a mainstream website like Facebook or Twitter because of trolls shows they do not deserve the hard-fought rights they are all too easily giving up.

Language, Stevie

According to the New Statesman, when the new UKIP MP, Douglas Carswell, sat in the spot in the Commons normally occupied by Steve Rotheram, the Walton MP said to him “Eff off out of my seat.”

Does Mr Rotheram not know that it is an offence under Sections 4 and 5 of the Public Order Act 1986 to use “threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, or disorderly behaviour” within the hearing or sight of someone who could feel harassed of threatened by them?

When a town councillor, one of my constituents was convicted under this provision simply for saying to the police “Don’t come near me, I’m a ninja.” Equally, Internet troll Liam Stacey was convicted under this Act for saying racist remarks on Twitter.

Why does Steve Rotheram appear to think the law offline should be more lenient than online, and members of parliament should get less stern treatment than anyone else?

Why Turkey has it right, partly

Turkey’s position on the escalating situation in Iraq, Syria and their own country is that the terrorist element of the Kurds is as much a problem as ISIL/Alqeada in Iraq often called Islamic State. They also say they have no intention working with President Assad of Syria.

The last one is idiotic – regardless of what one thinks of Assad, he is the head of state of Syria, so he must be worked with, and indeed, worked on – diplomatically.

But I agree the Kurdish insurgents who want to create a Kurdistan independent from Iraq and Turkey is as much a risk to the region as ISIL – they wish to obtain independence outside of the democratic process. They have no mandate from the people, so should not use violence to achieve their aims.

You have 12 apples

Explaining the deficit in the UK government’s budget.

  • You are Gordon.
  • Ken gives you 12 apples but you promise only to use 10.
  • You use 10 for two years but then decide you want to use the other 2 also.
  • Your friend’s business is doing badly so you give him 2 apples and borrow 2 other apples so you still have 12.
  • George steals your job, and says he would rather have 10 apples and get rid of the 2 he is borrowing.
  • George says that in order to keep the 10 apples, he must take 2 from the poor so he no longer needs to borrow 2 himself.
  • Ed says he’d do a better job that George. He says he would get to 10 apples but by taking 2 from the rich instead of the poor.
  • George and Ed argue for a while, but in the meantime they now have 10 apples, because the other 2 are toxic, and no good to anyone.
  • You tell your friends to stay with you in case you need to sell their oil to get 2 new apples.

Clarifying my Asperger syndrome comments

I was interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live today on Internet trolling. In it I mentioned Asperger syndrome and mental health conditions in the same breadth. I thought I might clarify my comments.

I generally see myself as “autistic”. However, “Asperger syndrome” is a medical label – in version 4 of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders – for what should simply be considered an alternative personality type.

An autistic person therefore only has Aspergers when around people who lack understanding or tolerance of being autistic. Otherwise being autistic is normal and thus not a disability. I never have any problems communicating with people who are autistic – if others who can’t communicate with autistic people were as clever as they make out, they would not have issue with autistic people either.

It is my view that most mental health conditions can be put down to the effects of post-traumatic stress. In my view the same traumas that can cause anti-social personality disorder can cause one to be autistic. But autistic traits can be caused by other factors also – such as foetal alcohol/testosterone and thicker cells in the prefrontal cortex from genetic mutations.

I was joking with someone the other day that on mathematics or physics degrees, where participants are likely to be more autistic, maybe it should be the non-autistics (e.g. empathics, demotics) who get the disability support!

They don’t make public figures like they used to

They say self-praise is no recommendation, but I would like to say I come from a family of politically active people who are not afraid of having our beliefs challenged. My father’s mother held strong political beliefs, and faced abuse on the doorsteps of Rhondda for expressing them. Another ancestor on my mother’s side – Ivor Jacob – became chairman of Llantrisant Town Council, which only recently I stood for as a Pluralist Party candidate, standing on my beliefs that elected bodies should represent the views of all and not just some.

Being a journalist and information provider in general I have had my fair share of defamation claims – in my view for things that weren’t defamation. I have a number of gagging orders to my name, including from politicians who didn’t like the news and other coverage they got from me.

So I’d like to think that such politicians weren’t made the way my grandmother and I were made. Take a look at some of these less than favourable news articles about me:

Here are some more favourable articles written about me in Media Wales publications:

When you are in politics, you have to take the rough with the smooth – if you can’t then instead of suing people, as I foolishly did aged 26, you have to become a political animal who can take it all, or get out of politics. There is no point people suing me as a journalist, or indeed a politician, for saying things they don’t want to hear. You have to be able to accept that with the favourable news comes unfavourable news.

The article in the Daily Express demonised me for saying that the cautioning of a troll was enough because it affected his career chances is the norm one should expect. The same goes for the articles in the Burton Mail. They presented me as doing a ‘U-Turn’ because I supported the naming of a troll, even though I still believed his cautioning was at the time too severe. Now the Con Dem Government has made it so cautions are spent offences as soon as they are served.

So being in the public eye is a double edged sword – one you live by and one you die by. If you cannot accept criticisms or people writing about you online without your consent, then public life is not for you – leave it to people like my grandmother and myself who are build to take in all and maintain the courage of our convictions.