Alan Corkish

Alan Corkish blocked me on Facebook following me pointing out his bigotry in terms of those he considers “educated.”

Alan Corkish is abusive towards anyone who does not like the way he condemns those of faith, so is a good addition to my list of atheists I have been blocked by, which include Ricky Gervais and Richard Dawkins.

I set up Alan Corkish like a corker. According to him being educated includes have the bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees he has. So I showed Alan Corkish all my post-nominals and it was not long before he blocked me.

So many atheists suffer a neurosis where they claim to embody logic yet become scatty whenever one challenges them on their religious beliefs.

Science is not as certain as atheists would like to claim it is. As I explained to Alan Corkish, what is fact and fiction about black-holes changes almost daily, and so science is not stable as what is fact today is fiction tomorrow.

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