You have 12 apples

Explaining the deficit in the UK government’s budget.

  • You are Gordon.
  • Ken gives you 12 apples but you promise only to use 10.
  • You use 10 for two years but then decide you want to use the other 2 also.
  • Your friend’s business is doing badly so you give him 2 apples and borrow 2 other apples so you still have 12.
  • George steals your job, and says he would rather have 10 apples and get rid of the 2 he is borrowing.
  • George says that in order to keep the 10 apples, he must take 2 from the poor so he no longer needs to borrow 2 himself.
  • Ed says he’d do a better job that George. He says he would get to 10 apples but by taking 2 from the rich instead of the poor.
  • George and Ed argue for a while, but in the meantime they now have 10 apples, because the other 2 are toxic, and no good to anyone.
  • You tell your friends to stay with you in case you need to sell their oil to get 2 new apples.

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