God’s Wrath against the Monogamists

Being a confirmed Anglican, I was disgusted to read that Tory MP, Mark Menzies has had to resign after paying for a temporary relationship with a Brazilian male escort.

The Anglican faith dictates that no one person should be bound to another without on-going consent. Monogamy should never prevent a return to sologamy. The Abrahamic Texts make it clear that the monogamists that claim the moral high-ground in terms of their devotion to one person are committing Sin.

The Lord God says that mankind should be fruitful and increase in number [Gen 1, 8, 9, 17, 28, 25, 41]. This creates a clear distinction between having an active sex-life and furthering the gene-pool. The sologamists who ties themselves down to no one are therefore protected by The Lord, being free from fear of adulatory.

Monogamists are going to be condemned to hell under God’s law. The Lord God condemns idolatry [1 Cor 10]. The monogamists who worship their partners as idols also puts them before God, will be condemned [Rom 1, 2]. Their wicked ways of treating their fellow humans as inferior to their idolised partner will leave them condemned in the eyes of The Lord.

Those who condemn Mark Menzies as a sologamist will be condemned themselves [Rom 2]. The Lord protects those who choose the path of sexual freedom. Those monogamists who take wife’s sister as a rival wife and have sexual relations with her while their wife is living is condemned by God [Lev 18:18].

Those monogamists who have sexual relations with their neighbour’s wife and defile themselves with her are condemned by God [Lev 18:20].  And those monogamists who have eyes for someone other than their partner will be condemned [Mat 5]. Such obligations to not apply to sologamists.

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