My future wife

A wife is someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. Being 33 I therefore think it would be pointless having a relationship with the intentions of getting married. It is likely that I and the other person would lack the maturity that one would need for such a commitment and with today’s pressures it is really difficult to find someone in my age group wanting such a life long commitment.

When I was on the roll of my local church in my early 20s I thought the words of Christ “if you look at another woman lustfully you should gouge your eye out as you have already committed sin in your heart,” as essential to a life long relationship, which when we are in love we all think that is what is going to happen.

I have found that being with a female parter caused problems in that I would be afraid to look at other – attractive – women because I did not want to commit Sin. Now I am single it is slightly easier to, and I feel that the only way around this problem is to assume that Christ was referring to someone one is married to, not going out with or engaged to. Although in the case of the latter one should be moving towards the maturity needed to having a wife who one does not feel one is cheating on by looking at another.

So the wife I want will be the sort of person that on a mutual basis be someone:

  • who would not need to look like a super model
  • who would stay with me and stand by me no matter what
  • who I would trust with mine and my children’s life, and for them not to take either from me
  • who would not do anything that would be expediently good for them but bad for me
  • who would be having sex with me out of pure and clean love, commitment, and dedication, and not dirty and selfish sex

In other words my wife would be someone who has all the things one would not expect a girlfriend to have (which are ten-a-penny) rather than being worth their weight in gold, as a wife would be.

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