More on Steve Rotheram’s snub

When I sent an email asking Steve Rotheram asking for an invite to his meeting with Internet trolling experts next week. I got a reply from Gavin Callaghan in effect giving the view that I was not invited because I was not an “academic” or “Industry expert” in the area of Internet trolling.

Cllr Gavin Callaghan reminds me of me when I was a Labour councillor around that age. He lacks the experience to put democratic principles like free speech ahead of curtailing it because it doesn’t match one’s point of view. I took an “opposition” councillor, Mike Powell, to court in 2006 because he was publishing things online that I didn’t want him to.

As you can see above in the Twitter thread where I challenged Cllr Gavin Callaghan, gave a number of reasons for not inviting me to the round-table:

  • Because I ‘do not do my research.’ I have many publications on the topic as can be seen here.
  • There were “many reasons” I wasn’t included he said, and then said my name wasn’t “mentioned”
  • He said that he does not need to justify his decision
  • And then said, “Perhaps you have learned a lesson about how 2 treat your opponents”

Even though I’ve been at the same career level as Cllr Gavin Callaghan – a young Labour councillor – I don’t think I was ever as bad as him in terms of not respecting human rights like free speech.

  • I have always been willing to respect those with greater expertise than me, even though I have never been willing to accept a point of view different from mine if I have not been persuaded as I am not open to coercion. 
  • Having been a member of the Labour Party I am used to this way of thinking. In 2003 I got the position of ‘Technology Officer’ created at Pontypridd CLP. Towards the end of my membership when I returned to Pontypridd CLP from Ogmore CLP I re-applied for this job which had been held by two people while I was away. When I was voted in a secret meeting was held that I was not invited to which ruled that there should only be one Technology Officer and the second person elected to the job – who was and is technologically illiterate – got the job even though I had been duly elected.
  • I have always believed in accountability and transparency in decision making – if people are elected their decisions should be scrutinised – by the people and the press. It is only through this scrutiny that fair decisions can be encouraged as all politicians care about what people think of them and this is one way to ensure they make the decisions the public want.
  • His attitude about ‘learning one’s lesson’ appears to be common among Labour Party members, who are always keen to stab their comrades in the back in order to get their way and boost their career.

These days I don’t see myself as having “opponents” – even if others like Gavin Callaghan see me as their “opponents.” I see myself as having peers – who I work with and support – and having competitors – who I am trying to gain the same ‘customers’ in regards to. It might be that the same person on one occasion is a peer and at a different time is a competitor.

So Gavin Callaghan could be right – I do know how to treat people who see me as their “opponents.” And that is to make public the unfavourable and biased treatment I have be subjected to by them. At this link for instance are the news articles I have written about Cllr Gavin Callaghan to make sure his mal-practices are available for public scrutiny.

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