The Gynadom

Should women wear gynadoms to prevent unwanted births? Is this the way to stop the prisoner dilemma of  opportunist neo-feminist DNA Thieves from not taking the contraceptive pill knowing their male partner won’t be wearing a condom?

Who is to blame if a woman doesn’t wear a gynadom?

I invented this after saying to my mother that I thought a nominal charge on the CSA was fair as it would be a disincentive to opportunist neo-feminist DNA Thieves who get men blamed for not wearing condoms in order to extort money from them – well with this invention men may have no choice but to wear protection or instead no blame if neo-feminist DNA Theif does not!

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  1. I’ve been reading your website for a while now, amusing myself at what ridiculous opinion or belief you will write next. This latest one, however, is a step too far. You are dangerously misogynistic in your views previously on abortion, and now even more so with this’gynadom’. Ordinarily, these could be ignored as the one of the many lunatic opinions found on the Internet, but as you sit on my local town council, I feel that something should be said. These views are dangerously outdated, reactionary and offensive, and I feel that you should make people aware of them before you are next put up for a council seat.

    I would be interested to find out if your fellow council members were aware of your views, and what their opinion on the matter is.

    Also, as you represent Trefforest, I will be making the Political Societies at the university aware of these views being held by their town councillor.

    1. Steve,

      You say I should make people aware of my views. Why do you think I have this website and a Facebook Page? It is because I believe in being open and accountable, by giving people access to every opinion I have expressed. How many other elected representative have done that for as long as I have – I had a website in 2003 when I was on Llantwit Fardre Community Council.

      I am not a gender/sex bigot as you appear to be from your mal-informed comments. Just because I speak harshly about DNA Theives, it does not mean I am referring to women. It is you that is the bigot for reading my articles, which are often written gender neutrally as being no more about women than men – Shame on you! The concept of DNA Thief applies not only to a woman who denies their child access to the other parent, but a man if it were to be the case with them!

      You appear to lack maturity on this issue. Women who are members of my Facebook Page, had no difficulty debating this ‘gynadom’ concept. Maybe it is you that is dated?
      Are you saying that Claire Pugh, a woman, is misogynistic because she acknowledges that women need to take equal responsibility as men, which this invention was encouraging debate on?

      Please feel free to discuss this with the members of the town council. The Labour women on there will tell you how “sexist” I am for believing the following:
      * All women-short-lists are a proportionate means to acheive a legitimate aim of increasing the number of women in public life.
      * In the case of interviewing people for employment, where there is a tie between a man and a woman, the woman should be treated more favourably, except if the man is disabled and she isn’t.
      * Women councillors who have new born children should be allowed to bring them into the chamber and be able to breast feed them if they wish.

      Can you tell me how many of these you agree/disagree with? Are you sure it is not you that is sexist against women? By not accepting women are different from men and need to be treated differently to be treated equally you are being discriminatory – in essence you are a bigot!

      Let the student political societies know, I’ll look forward to taking them on, if their concept of equality is as bigoted as yours appears to be. Direct them to my Facebook Page:

      If you want to make your grievances formal, please follow my official complaints procedure. Please refer to my policy on women’s rights for complete information – you might find that you are the sexist one on other issues as well!

  2. True, this reminds a little of a similar thing thats for preventing rape although I think that was spiky on the inside?

    But you also have to take basic anatomy into account, this looks a right hassle to fit especially in the heat of the moment. Both can say no if they wanted to.

    One thing that is also a consideration is the male contraceptive pill, cant that be developed more. Personally I have an implant in my arm that lasts 3 years so im sorted lol!

  3. I have studied gender relations in society, politics and culture to post graduate level, so I would be happy to debate these Issues with you, as you seem to believe only you to have a valid opinion on a subject.  I’d be happy to prove you wrong, as we live in a democratic meritocracy, where any opinion can be put forward and can also be valid. You seem to have no faith in anyone’s views other than our own. Your views are not sophisticated enough. Your conclusion is vastly over simplistic and deductive. Why do you feel it necessary for a man to have the right to change a woman’s physiology without her consent.

    This gynadom policy is a terrible one as it calls a woman a thief for taking part on a consensual act. Simple as that. If a man does not want a woman to become pregnant, wear a condom. Onus is on the man I’m afraid. Only an individual has the right to do what they will with their bodies.

    If a man impregnates a woman due to not having protected consensual sex and then doesn’t want the baby, tough, the woman has the right to do what wants to her body. This does not make her a DNA thief.

    1. That shows your problem. You are basing your point of view on the status quo – which is that men should wear a condom. You are not engaging with the debate about what would people say if women had the ability to wear condoms that men have?

      I simply repeat:
      * R v R gives the legal right not not have sex in a relationship.
      * The HRA gives the right to found a family.
      * R v R and HRA together give the right to have children without sex
      * Ergo, sex is not primarily having children
      * Ergo, consenting to sex does not mean consenting to having children
      * Ergo, both parties to a sexual relationship should have the right to abort a child they had no legal intention of creating.

  4. Seriously though, there is such a thing as a female condom already (Femidom)

    There is also the pill which has a comparable success rate as a condom

    The status quo is not that a man must wear a condom. The status quo is that both parties have a duty to ensure they are protected. It does not matter how that happens.

    You can’t simply say that if women wish to be protected they should wear one of these things. They could simply refuse to have sex unless the man is wearing a condom.

    The only circumstance when that would not be the case is where the woman is raped.

    Are you therefore suggesting that women should wear a device to protect themselves from rape pregnancies and it is somehow their duty to do so or not to complain?

    If so then you have serious problems.

    Addressing the policies above which prove that you are not misogynist:

    i) All women shortlists are not meritocratic and so I do not believe in them – the recruitment and application processes should not be discriminatory, but shortlisting on a non-meritocratic basis is simply unfair
    ii)Here you take different approach from (i) and accept meritocracy – but seek to require someone to prefer a person who is female or disabled over an able-bodied male – The Equality Act effectively protects this status already, though I agree with you to a degree
    iii) I do not see how this would assist fairness- better that childcare be provided

    However, none of the policies above prove that you are not a misogynist, merely that you have policies for women which would increase their rights.

    I can say that I believe that all black people should have free soy milk and a higher minimum wage, but that wouldn’t make a new white face powder which they must wear in order to get that protection make me any less a racist

  5. DNA thieves and sperm theft, the MRAs favourite topics.
    First all those women don’t fuck them at all and then while totally not fucking them at all, they steal their DNA because they wanna have a little baby ’cause they’re so damn profitable!

    Honeycake, there’s a hint: Just wear a condom. Also protects both partners from infections.

    How do you steal sperm anyway, I mean, unless you rape the guy (which happens and is a crime, no argument there)?

    I mean, first he puts it there voluntarily and then she doesn’t really get any of it anyway…

    1. If he’s convinced that women are DNA thieves* then leaving contraception to the woman is hardly a solution. There’s one way to make absolutely sure – go all juice and no seeds.

      *Yo, genius – not all women want sprogs. Me, for example. I’m childfree. I can’t imagine one who would want yours.

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