Why I’m supporting Hamilton

On the day Wales delightfully beat their archrivals England I’ve decided to support
an Englishman in the Formula 1 Drivers Championship and McLaren, the team he
drives for the Constructor’s Championship.
I have been interested in Formula 1 since I was a teenager, supporting Damon Hill
since he was at Williams. Despite the clear environmental consequences of the
sport, it as always interested me from a man]machine interaction perspective, as it
is as much about the skill of the team to customise the car to the driver as it is the
driver’s ability to interact with the car.
I didn’t support Jenson Button wholeheartedly despite him being a new British
driver, because it was too soon after Damon Hill retiring, and more importantly I
still wanted to see Hill’s archrival Michael Schumacher get beaten, so didn’t mind
Fernando Alonso winning.
As it happens Alonso is now in the Number 1 car at the same team as Hamilton, so
the driver I supported de facto last year is in the same team as the one I have
decided to support this year.
Hamilton appeals to me not only because he’s British driving a British car, but also
because he is in a minority and has had the goal of achieving what he has achieved
since childhood. Of Afro]Caribbean decent, he is in a minority not known for their
exposure to the field he is in, and as a minority myself, being disabled, who also
has had goals since childhood, in my case to get a doctorate, I see Hamilson in a
similar way as I see myself, driven to succeed, and well backed by family.

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